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2018 and 2019 Tax Changes for Individuals

Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 12 2018


Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 11 2018

I've worked hard my whole life. I cut grass for Ms. Lewis and Ms. King, I picked oranges for Mr. McKeachern, I painted houses with Mr. Holland, I worked two jobs during college, sometimes three. I worked on Mardi Gras breaks, Thanksgiving breaks, and Christmas breaks (that's in addition to the jobs while in school). I worked when my friends were going to Florida on Spring Break. I didn't even know what Spring break was, to be honest. I started working on Monday after I graduated college on Saturday and have been working nonstop since. I work 80 hours a week during tax season and most nights can be found sitting at my desk until after midnight. Until recently, I never understood why more people weren't appreciative of my efforts. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy working and I have no regrets about working hard my whole life. It has been personally rewarding. However, the reality is that people don't care how hard you work. They only care about results. We are measured by results, not effort. Of course, I always try to deliver the results that clients expect, but every once in a while, I fall short. I have built a very successful CPA Practice over the past 33 years as a result of my hard work and the hard work of many others. There have been times however, when our efforts were not good enough. Now, I understand why. My goal for 2019 and beyond, is to do a better job delivering results. That is for me and my staff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

2018 Tax Return Changes are drastic

Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 07 2018

The changes to the 2018 federal form 1040 are drastic.  If you have been preparing your own tax return, this is the year that you need to hire a professional.  At Ratcliff CPA and Consultants LLC, we have studied all of the changes and are ready to prepare your return.  Call us today - (985) 674-3455 or email us at

Welcome to Our Blog!

Posted by Admin Posted on July 02 2013
This is the home of our new blog. Check back often for updates!